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The relationship between consistent personal and professional success begins with perspective! This repeatable leadership framework, known as "Yes, I A.M." is applicable to both the personal and professional leadership roles and is presented in an inspirational keynote or life-changing workshop.

A world-class speaker that will make attendees lives more consistent! Shawn is committed to actively enriching the lives of others and impacting the community of like-minded people who desire to understand how to develop sustainable habits and behaviors to navigate through challenges, difficulties, and adverse experiences to lead successful lives.

The mission is simple: to create strong leaders in the next generation for a better future!


“Shawn brought a lot of awareness to the everyday life of conquering success. Keeping things straight-forward from great understanding."

Terrell C.


Shawn's Talks


Five Principles for Sustainable Life Leadership

The desire to understand their “purpose” earlier in life is steadily increasing in our youth!


Their curiosity to understand life and make sense of their environments is admirable, but when they're willing to rush into it and not truly understanding who they are is not attached to what they do, it effects their personal and professional success as growing adults. In this one-hour session, Shawn will be that voice for them, who's willing to be transparent about the experiences which changed his life and made him successful because he understands who he is, but also relatable!


These five principles known as, “Yes, I A.M.” Leadership have changed lives all across the world. It’s time to give our youth guidance and voice that will answer the question: How is what I’m doing now going to help me later in life?

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3 Ways to Use Space to create Opportunity

If it’s not on the internet, it didn’t happen? Wrong!


Yet this is what the culture is emphasizing in our advanced technological world. This belief is crowding the minds of our youth and affecting the way they interact with each other, align their goals, and even alter the perception of themselves. In this session, Shawn dives deep into how, even in this environment, youth can create the space they need for mental stability and sustainable life leadership.


Preparing them to still be connected to the internet culture, but more importantly, also connected with themselves, and to each other through building meaningful relationships.

One Step at a Time

Rome was not built in a day, but it did only take one more straw to break the camel’s back.


Success is not gained quickly it is earned strategically and relationally. This one-hour session or ½ day workshop Shawn will strategically break down the fundamental elements of a successful foundation and inspire the next generation of growing adults to take steps in their own life at each transition and encounter new experiences!


This session is inspired by Shawn’s first published work- Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking. Prepare for your attendees to leave inspired by their smallest victories, and learning how to create major sustainable success and performance.

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“I’m very happy I booked Shawn! Since our engagement we’re seeing significant changes in attitude, motivation, and willingness. What makes this so heartfelt is Shawn is so intentional in teaching about us as the total being. I’m very happy with the changes I see inside and out. Thank you, Shawn!!”

Tanya S


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